Available now on all music streaming platforms, “everybody seems to really be diggin’” Parker’s 6-track debut project.

by Melanie Rooten

Landon Parker is a rising country star you NEED to be on the lookout for in 2023!”

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With the release of his 6-track debut project Hits Home this past Friday (December 9th), it is clear Parker has a bright future ahead. This new EP gives the listener a clear glimpse into his musical style, as well as what he’s all about as an artist.

Hits Home “features a mix of classic and cutting-edge country sounds, all co-written by Parker and produced by GRAMMY Award-winner Blake Chancey.” The EP spans quite a few different themes and ideas, however, all of the tracks remain true to Parker’s high-energy honky-tonk style.

When chatting with Celeb Secrets reporter Melanie Rooten, Landon took a deep dive into this EP as a whole, as well as his two favorite tracks “Beer By Beer” and “Hits Home.”

When asked about “Beer By Beer,” which doubles as the EP’s lead single, Parker told us, “we almost didn’t write the song, but I had this title. Like literally the night before I was watching a movie or something and they said ‘day by day,’ and I was like ‘I wonder if it was beer by beer.’”

According to Parker, he and his co-writer Carlo Colasacco “were actually gonna write it as a party song.”

“We wrote like half the song and then we decided like, ‘No this isn’t the right direction. We need to make it a love song,’” he shared.

While people may expect “Beer By Beer” to be a fun, drinking-related party song like Luke Combs‘ “Beer Never Broke My Heart” or Thomas Rhett and Jon Pardi‘s “Beer Can’t Fix,” Parker reassured us that “Technically beer by beer is not anything really to do with beer, it’s, you know, a love song in disguise.”

As for his other favorite track on the EP, Parker is a big fan of “Hits Home,” which serves as a reference to his hometown of Yadkinville, North Carolina.

“I wrote it with two buddies of mine and the band, and they’re from small towns as well, so I was like ‘Let’s just incorporate what we have in our little small towns,’” he said, ultimately creating the soon-to-be hit track.

The release of Hits Home is sure to make 2023 big year for Landon Parker!

As for touring the new EP, Parker revealed to us that “we’re basically just lining up next year’s tour dates,” so be sure to stay on the lookout for those so you can see him perform these hot new tracks LIVE! You can check back HERE to see if Landon Parker is planning on hitting a city near you.

Aside from touring, Parker has a few more goals for 2023, one of these goals being to release even more music.

“I have a few songs that I really really wanna put out,” he said. “One I think we’re gonna put out in March called ‘Your Baby Girl,’ that I wrote about my wife… It’s just a very special song.”

While he continues to work on new music and perfect his craft, we will be anxiously awaiting the release of “Your Baby Girl,” as well as any other music Landon Parker has up his sleeve!